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10 August 2023
  • 7-Reels
  • Branded
  • Cartoon
  • Adventure
  • Movie and TV

Hugo Legacy

Have we missed all the fun and frenzy of our beloved three-toed hero's birthday bash in Hugo Legacy? Here's a quick catch-up: It's a vibrant 7x7 grid, cluster pays slot game filled to the brim with familiar faces, thrilled with high volatility yet showcasing an encouraging RTP of 96.20%.

Bag big wins with free spins, wild cards, and character modifiers that spring into action once you crack that Telephone meter. Experience this visual treat on any device - yes, mobile gamers, we mean you too! Still, trying to figure it out? You can check out the free demo version to get a feel before betting real bucks.

Fascinated by the rest of the story? Continue reading below for more fun insights and detailed gameplay features - from our review desk to your screen! Remember to try out the free demo before diving in with your coins!

  • Hugo Legacy - base game
    Hugo Legacy - base game
  • Hugo Legacy - gamble for free spins features
    Hugo Legacy - gamble for free spins features
  • Hugo Legacy - free spins round
    Hugo Legacy - free spins round
  • Hugo Legacy - Super Big Win
    Hugo Legacy - Super Big Win

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Hugo Legacy Review

Look & Feel

First, let's talk dollops of color and inspired cartoonish charm - that's what defines the aesthetic of Hugo Legacy. This graphical tribute gives out hearty nods to the original Hugo lore boasting familiar faces like Jean Paul, the monkey who's always monkeying around; Fernando, the parrot who never misses a chatter or two; Scylla, who's brewing up trouble per usual; and good ol' Don Croco living out his crocodile tears saga.

The game pulls you into its upbeat groove with a cheery soundtrack corresponding to the triumphant vibe. All while you're trapped within an animated 7x7 grid loaded chock-a-block with symbols screaming Hugo-esque adventures like dynamite bundles, legacy caps worn by legendary characters in past tales, gold bars gleaming in heaps – it is quite a trip!

Keeping your progress in check comes easy with an overcharge meter wrapping itself around this chaotic grid, tipping you off about proximity to specialized features trigger points. Not just that – we've got interactive backdrops changing scenery along with gameplay modes taking you trekking through lush forests one second while spelunking through cavernous caves the next!

The Moola Matters

Hugo Legacy offers an encouraging RTP (return to player) set at 96.20%. To break this down for y'all: every €100 punt would typically return to you as €96.2 – pretty good odds if I say so myself! Hugo Legacy is a medium variance game.

Fancy some flexibility? With wagers ranging between 0.10 and 100 per spin, flexibility is your constant companion here! But why stop there? Cruise on autopilot using the handy autoplay feature capable of handling up to 100 spins sporting cool add-ons like loss limit alerts or a stop-on-feature command.

Placing Your Bets

Unlike traditional paylines, - Hugo Legacy spices things up a notch using a cluster pays system where a minimum of five matching symbols are aligned horizontally or vertically to reel in some winnings for ya.

Symbols fall under two variations: low-paying and high-paying symbols, each boasting unique returns based on your cluster size (ranging from five to 15+ symbols). Low-paying symbols include flashing dynamites, cheeky legacy caps, lustrous gold chunks, and intricate keys offering between 0.1x-10x bounty on your wager.

Higher stakes come with high-paying symbols sporting sparkling diamonds alongside character icons (Team Hugo!). These gems pitch anything between 5x–20x returns based on your bet size! Bonanza time, folks!

Hugo proves handy by doubling himself as your wild card filling in for nearly all other symbols (Scylla and Don Croco being exceptions because they trigger free spins). Best part? Catch these wilds forming clusters rewarding you handsomely unto 50 times wagered for reigning supreme at clusters sizing 15+ symbols!

Gaming Twist: Hugo Legacy's Slot Features

Now let's delve deeper into the nitty-gritty of gameplay. Say hello to the Telephone meter in Hugo Legacy. For every winning symbol you land, there's a +1 charge hitched to this bad boy. Reach a particular level of charges, and BAM! We've got special game modifiers springing into action. Plus, your game comes specially delivered with free spins varying in strength. If lady luck is shining down on you and you notch up 15 or more charges on your dialing device, brace yourself for a random character modifier:

  • Hugo steps up and bestows 5 to 8 wilds on your grid.
  • Scylla takes her role seriously, protecting 1 or 2 symbol types (and wilds) while annihilating all others.
  • Don Croco plays mix-and-match by morphing between 2 to 5 symbol types into others.
  • Fernando, always sticking out from the crowd, goes one better by turning one entire symbol type wild.
  • Jean Paul, ever the efficient guy, handpicks a symbol to craft a real winning cluster.

Let's get some Free Spins

Crack open the tube of free spin excitement only once you've racked up a minimum of 35 charges on that trusty Telephone meter. Default free spin comes alive at precisely 35 charges but listens closely - ramping it up to magical numbers like 40, 45, or even a whopping 50 brings stronger free spins buzzing onto the grid! Here's how powerful they get:

  • Dialled up to exactly 35, earns you rounds of cheer with not just one but two character modifiers.
  • Taking it up further at 40 chargesprops a fabulous trio of character modifiers in your win basket.
  • Skyrocket those digits to 45 charges and unleash quadruple character power modifiers along with nesting a cushy five wilds in your kitty!
  • Max out like true gamers, hit that stellar count of 50 on the old telephone charger scale, and watch hypnotized as five mind-blowing character modifiers now rule your grid complimented by an insane collection of thirty wilds!

But hey, remember Winston Churchill's words, "To everyone, there comes in their lifetime a special moment when they are figuratively tapped on the shoulder"? Hugo Legacy gives you exactly such chances! When triggering those exciting free spins, players can decide if they want to push their luck in gambling toward higher levels. But a fair warning here, buddies - crash and burn while gambling just fetches you a solitary character feature as consolation.

The free spin isn't all fun, though; no sirree! It also features a nifty wild collector trick where phase one sees all winning wilds reeled into collective storage. Worry not about emptiness, though, 'cause phase two replenishes your grid, packing those hard-earned wilds right back in after every character modifier has tried its trickery! Interestingly enough, only five to ten wilds come into play at once, and every additional win means more of them spinning back onto your grid until none remain. Have some fallen out during round two? Sorry folks... no collection for these latecomers!

Mobile Magic on Hugo Legacy

Gone are those days when you needed to be chained to your desktop to enjoy an immersive gaming experience. Hugo Legacy leaps onto your preferred device, be it a desktop, smartphone, or tablet, all set for you to dive right into this enchanting virtual universe on the go. It is a very responsive design shape-shifts like a chameleon adjusting perfectly to diverse screen dimensions and orientations.

Doesn't matter if you're lounging in your living room or waiting for your coffee at the café; the game's stunning features and vivid graphics look just as brilliant, ensuring uninterrupted excitement at your fingertips.

Try Before You Buy

A little skeptical? Or just curious about how the game works before going all-in with real dough? Fret not! Try your hand (or touch?) at the exclusive demo version of Hugo Legacy, available on our site.

Here's a sneak peek into what's coming up: mirror-like gameplay compared to the real-deal experience sans any risk to your hard-earned moolah. Delve deep into this lively world, messing with virtual credits while exploring the slot's mechanics, features, and payouts. Get comfortable with Hugo and friends during this dry run to put on quite a show when it truly counts!

Wrapping It All Up

Looking back over 30 nostalgic years of fun-filled escapades featuring Hugo (the Troll), we have concocted this slice of joy named Hugo Legacy. Not only does it pay homage to previous slot games in this series by bringing back old pals Jean Paul, Fernando, Scylla, and Don Croco, but it also throws in a bunch of new intriguing aspects.

Yes, a 7x7 grid slot style accessorized with cluster pays and cascading symbols that get adrenaline pumping is what awaits you! But wait… there's more! Check out some nifty 'charge features' – triggered by our favorite troll - upgrading and morphing symbols alongside bombarding the grid with wilds. Chasing hefty winnings get more accessible with up to five free spin stages unlocked by collecting Scylla/Don Croco symbols - perfect bait for gambling enthusiasts wanting to up their game!

It might sound like quite a bit for first-timers but trust us, one round down, this whimsical road will indeed have you hooked! With dizzying high volatility paired with a respectable RTP of 96.20%, a 'thrilling roller-coaster ride' would certainly be an understatement! Yes, we know 3k times stake as max winnings might not steal the limelight amidst peers offering higher returns but let's remember the pleasant theme matches well with bountiful opportunities thrown at every curve!

The short verdict from us? Brilliant ball packed with an array of fun elements resonating charm synonymous with Hugo's universe. Old-time fans or Play'n GO slot lovers – will all find themselves immersed within minutes into this tribute honoring three decades' worth of adventures lived out by dear ol' Hugo! Pop in for surreal entertainment laced heavily with nostalgia; trust us - no regrets will follow!

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Hugo Legacy FAQ

You can play Hugo Legacy for free by trying out the demo version available on our website. It allows you to understand the game mechanics; cluster pays system, special features, and how winning combinations work without spending a single cent.

Hugo Legacy comes with a return to player (RTP) percentage of 96.20%. This suggests that for every €100 wagered in the game, you would expect to return around €96.2 over time. However, remember that this is just an average estimate, and winnings are not guaranteed, as slots are games of chance.

Absolutely! Besides its standard gameplay elements, Hugo Legacy introduces a range of unique features like a Telephone meter that triggers modifiers after reaching specific charge levels. It also promises free spins based on your charge level and nifty 'charge features' started by your favorite characters.

Yes indeed! Players can use the autoplay function, which automates spins up to 100 turns with various settings like loss limit alerts or stop-on-feature commands.

Definitely! The beauty of Hugo Legacy lies in its responsive design that plays seamlessly across all platforms - be it desktops, smartphones, or tablets without compromising details or gameplay quality.

Yes! Free spins are activated once you've loaded up at least 35 charges on your Telephone meter with increasing bonus perks for more charges accumulated- including up to five powerful character modifiers ruling your grid along with an impressive collection of wilds!

This Hugo Legacy review was authored by W.Bergstrom | Last updated on 23 October 2023.