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Nolimit City
4.48 / 5
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11 July 2023

Bounty Hunters

Bounty Hunters, the latest slot game from Nolimit City, will take you on a ride straight into the heart of the Wild West. If you daydream of bagging elusive outlaws for cool cash, get your pulse racing, pull up a chair, and get cozy with this high-volatility adventure.

Teeming with features aplenty across its 5x3 grid structure and a tempting 243 ways to win, this game promises action - served hot.

  • Bounty Hunters - base game
    Bounty Hunters - base game
  • Bounty Hunters - Mexican Standoff
    Bounty Hunters - Mexican Standoff
  • Bounty Hunters - Raid Spins
    Bounty Hunters - Raid Spins
  • Bounty Hunters - Showdown Spins
    Bounty Hunters - Showdown Spins

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Bounty Hunters Review

Immerse Yourself in The Ambiance

A true winner lies in the gameplay mechanics and how it immerses its players. Bounty Hunters has this territory covered as well. With an evocative Western setting replete with dust-blown landscapes under weather-beaten skies and music that'll tingle your nerves - ever vigilance is needed here.

Get ready for a countdown showdown on reels showcasing everything from low-yielding card suits like diamonds or clubs to high-value symbols like our friendly sheriff, his deputy, some notoriously cunning bandits, etc. Be sure to watch for 'Wild,' a bullet placing itself neatly as our wild symbol capable of shapeshifting into any other symbol barring the bonus element.

Mind you; visuals matter, exceptionally when layered with sharp animation details perfectly reflecting dusk-and-shadows moments stirring suspense. Add some scene-stealing cinematic sequences ramping up game involvement, and you have yourself something of a masterpiece!

Odds Stacked For You?

Let's talk numbers now; we have an RTP (return-to-player) ratio of 96.07%. Sounds enticing, right? Yep, it directly means $96.07 back in your pocket against every $100 you bet in long stretches of game playtime. But remember: gambling is unpredictable, so don't be disheartened by short-term bumps or dry spells.

Game volatility also affects the ebb and flow, influenced by sporadic significant windfalls fluttering amidst lengthier barren streaks typical in high-volatility games like ours here.

Placing Your Bets and Counting Your Wins

Now, let's get down to brass tacks – the bets and payouts in Bounty Hunters. Players with various risk appetites will feel at home here as you can bet as low as 0.20 or roll high at 100 per spin. Though wins may dance a rare tune due to the game's high volatility, remember, they hit it out of the park when they do come along!

Pulling in Those Extras

Scatter & Bonuses: Seek and Ye Shall Find

Here's how it rolls: Scatter symbols shy away from reel real estate outside the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reels. However, if you strike gold with three Scatter symbols lighting up those specific reels – get ready for your Raid Spins award! Now, adorn the same row with Bonus symbols alongside our favorite trio of Scatters, and voilà–you've unlocked Showdown Spins.

Limiting themselves to first and fifth reels in general play, Bonus symbols prove they are not all stick-in-the-muds by occasionally gracing the middle reels during a rip-roaring Mexican Standoff.

Bounty Hunter Wild: Living Large on Reels

Particular to reels 2, 3, and 4 only exists our larger-than-life, 3-row high Bounty Hunter Wild, who'll always nudge their way to be fully visible on the reel. Each nudge sends multiplier value north by one, while total Bounty Hunter Wild multipliers aim to top each other.

Few Dollars More: Familiar Tale with a Different Score

Like its counterpart above, Few Dollars More encompasses a similar modus operandi in an appearance on specific reels and nudging behavior to maximize visibility while enhancing the multiplier effect with each successive nudge.

Mexican Standoff: Top of its Class

Engage in the heart-pounding suspense of Mexican Standoff when you nail bonus symbols alignment on row one plus five! These harbingers of good fortune transform into sticky wilds showering you with multiplied by six wins! Should that cheeky Bounty Hunter wild appear during this scintillating encounter, you're looking at another leg-up thanks to increased sticky fantastic rewards!

xBet® Feature: High-Stakes Fun

For those out there who reckon it isn't fun unless it's high enough stakes- there’s a bit more oomph waiting at an additional cost of 200%. This spices up proceedings just enough for players, significantly jazzing up chances to trigger various features. Rest easy, though; individual symbol payouts remain precisely as they are.

Revelations & Raid/Showdown Spins Explained

What’s more, if lady luck is smiling down on you - there’s an impressive maximum payout of 52,310 times your initial bet awaiting. Go over this bountiful figure. Not an issue. Enjoy the max payout awarded while we gently draw curtains on your game round.

Let's break down Raid Spins for you - picture an area transitioned into a 4x5 reel zone smack dab in the center peppered with themed symbols. Add bands of hunters astride each side, prepped for war-making bounty hunting far more thrilling than before!

Get set for Showdown spins that expand your gaming arena even further, plunging you amidst adrenaline-inducing betting maneuvers packed with entertainingly engaging features propping up the potential for massive wins along this adventurous journey!

Should you lose patience or seek instant gratification - there's always Nolimit's Bonus Buy option; skip right along into different bonuses from anywhere between straight hundred times up, soaring till as much as eight hundred fifty times your core bet. We do advise checking regulatory rules surrounding bonus buys, though.

Free Ride with Demo Play

Still, sizing up this ruthless hunting ground? No worries! You don't have to bet your hard-earned dough right off the bat. Play around with our game demo version! It’s identical to the real deal, except it uses virtual credits instead of cold cash. This way, you can get well-acquainted with all the features and bonuses available before committing any real money.

Wrapping It Up

Packed to the rafters with grizzled gunslingers and action cranked up to eleven, this game's got more grit than Clint Eastwood in his Dirty Harry days. But remember, Bounty Hunters is no place for card sharks looking to cash in easy scores. Oh no! You're hunting big bounty rewards here, matey, but you must ride some real rough trails before hitting that gold mine.

Nolimit City ain't exactly famed for rolling out kid-friendly party games - they're known better for their ruthless streak, sharp as a rattlesnake's fang. And this one, Bounty Hunters? It's like dancing at the wrong end of a six-shooter when in a not-in-a-charitable mood.

Our test sessions revealed that all the lights and whistles go off during the Showdown Spins, but boy, howdy! Striking them is different from your regular walk-in-the-park stuff. Other than snatching up those costly buy-ins or landing your shots right with scatters and bonus symbols (or going full cowboy during Raid Spins!), pathways to glory were pretty slim pickings. Statistics stick a bullseye frequency at 1 in 180 spins for freebies but don't specify if the gold-laden Showdown round is part of this count.

On the whole stake front - we didn't score too much intel on xBet specifics. But be warned: coughing up 200% extra dollars is costly when tacking frontier territories.

Hold onto your hats because what comes next will blow them clean off! Bounty Hunters can potentially shell out massive wins to dizzying 52,310x your original stake shakes! Just imagine capturing that bonanza on clip – an insane sight when Bounty Hunters is locked and loaded!

Brace for blasts with side features like Mexican Standoff paired with Wilds and Showdown Spins that bring on a full-senses Money Train rush.

Yes, sirree, it takes a bit to warm up your saddle on Bounty Hunters, but once it does? Blazing hot fun, guaranteed! True – it’s not shy about taking you for every penny and leaving you hanging dry as desert dust, but luck out here, pardner, and you're set for one helluva hair-raising thrill of a lifetime!

In essence, folks: If chasing legendary payouts across treacherous terrains while panting after gut-churning excitement sounds just about right - then saddle up because there's a bounty waiting at Nolimit City saloon tonight!

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Bounty Hunters FAQ

The main theme of Bounty Hunters is a Western adventure. The game immerses players into a dust-blown landscape under weather-beaten skies with outlaws, sheriffs, and bandits.

The "Wild" symbol in Bounty Hunters can shapeshift into any other symbol except for the bonus element. It makes it easier for players to score winning combinations.

Bounty Hunters boasts an RTP ratio of 96.07%. You should expect around $96.07 back for every $100 you wager over prolonged gameplay.

Yes. High-volatility games like Bounty Hunters send significant wins fluttering amidst longer streaks without wins, so be prepared for possibly lengthy barren spells before striking it big!

Bounty Hunters caters to various risk appetites – permitting bets as low as 0.20 or rolling high at 100 per spin.

For gamers craving higher stakes, there's an additional cost of 200%. This increases your chances to trigger various features but leaves individual symbol payouts unaltered.

Yes! The game features a demo version that uses virtual credits instead of real cash, enabling you to get comfortable with its different features and bonuses before placing real-money bets.

Statistically speaking, free spins in Bounty Hunters should crop up once every 180 spins on average.

Bounty hunters can pay out an impressive maximum sum of 52,310 times your initial bet.

The Showdown Spins are challenging since they require perfect alignments with scatters and bonus symbols or getting lucky during Raid Spins.

This Bounty Hunters review was authored by W.Bergstrom | Last updated on 23 July 2023.