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08 August 2023

True Kult

Eager for a slot gaming experience that'll give you the heebie-jeebies? Then it's high time you gave True Kult, the brainchild of NoLimit City, your undivided attention. Conjuring an aura of dark, mysterious cults and occult practices, this game will pull you into a shadowy realm replete with eerie symbols, spine-tingling sounds, and uncanny animations.

Sitting pretty with five reels and three rows, True Kult brandishes 243 ways to pocket a win - oh wait, there's more! Maximum wins can rocket up to a colossal 23,237 times your wager, while bonus features tease you with mystery symbols, tarot multipliers, séance spins, and the alluring xBet option.

Excited yet? This review aims to dive into these compelling twists and turns that elevate True Kult from merely another slot game to one that's simply irresistible.

  • True Kult - base game
    True Kult - base game
  • True Kult - Sacrifice Spins
    True Kult - Sacrifice Spins
  • True Kult - Seance spins
    True Kult - Seance spins

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True Kult Review

Imagery & Sound

True Kult paints a chilling picture wrapped around haunting cults and ominous occult occurrences. Immerse yourself in a mood-lit chamber ornamented with flickering candles, human skulls, and cryptic books alongside numerous relics steeped in enigma.

The reels dance within the frame formed by an intriguing pentagram and Ouija board; meanwhile, symbols featuring unique cult adherents, tarot cards, daggers, crosses, and candles paint their cryptic tales on these reels.

The graphics are artfully detailed, ensuring realistic renderings and buttery smooth animations enhance player engagement levels tremendously. Complementing this ambiance is an eerie soundtrack brewing escalating tension coupled with creepy sound effects ranging from hushed whispers & piercing screams to ritualistic chant interludes accompanying winning moments.

Returns, Volatility & You

True Kult sets its RTP at 96.06%, sliding comfortably above online slot averages beckoning instead persuasively for keen punter's attention. This implies it generously gives back $96.06 out of every $100 staked over due course. But before you decide what to do with those projected returns, remember that this game is notorious for its high volatility.

This suggests wins might come around less frequently, but when they do? Well, they like making grand statements turning minor payouts into major windfalls. Go in primed for streaks where Lady Luck takes a break leading to fluctuations in your bankroll. Striking a balance between risk appetite alongside budgetary bounds when setting bet sizes should set up nicely as you step into the enchanting universe of True Kult.

Wagering & Winnings

True Kult, a 5-reel, 3-row spectacle, teases you with a tantalizing 243 ways to win. You can set the wager anywhere between 0.20 and a hefty 100 credits per spin - this one's meant for thrill-seekers of all budget sizes!

The game serves up ten regular symbols split into low and high-value tiers. Four distinctive cult members rise above them like true cult stars: The Leader, The Enforcer, The Healer, and The Seeker.

Among these high-rollers, The Leader stands taller than the rest rewarding you with a whopping 10x your bet if you land five on your reel. Close behind, we have The Enforcer identifying targets worth 7x your stake, followed by The Healer's soothing balm valued at 5x, then The Seeker's discovery fetching you 4x your wager amount. Lowly card suits can bring anything from a modest 1x to twice your bet when they mount an appearance in five sets.

Wild symbols are hard to miss here - keep an eye out for eerie skulls decorated with horns and embossed pentagrams on their forehead; they could switch out for any symbol except scatters denoted by chilling, bloodied eyes.

Special Features & Bonuses

True Kult treats its players to an extraordinary array of features designed to add extra spice to the gameplay while bolstering chances of pocketing chunky winnings.

  • Baptism By Fire: This feature stocks up symbols ready to unveil themselves across base game reels; they'll reveal randomly picked same-type high-value or scatter symbols.

  • Scatters: Landing double or more scatter symbols paves the way for inviting the elusive sixth reel, which bumps up winning ways from basic 243 to staggering 729. Scatter threesome triggers either Seance or Sacrifice- two very gripping bonus modes!

  • True Believer Wilds: Soak in this exclusive three stacked wild behemoths only landing on the newly unveiled sixth reel; they work magic turning low-value symbols within reels two through five into wilds plus transform into whichever high-value symbol teases them.

  • Tarot Multipliers: If these land on the open sixth reel, rejoice! They safeguard multipliers varying between x5 through x99 besides concealing high-paying candidates; unused multipliers are rolled over the next time identical symbols hit.

  • xBet: A whole new level of thrill awaits those who are bold enough to venture down this path which costs an additional thrice their bet per spin; it significantly enhances the likelihood of bonus modes being activated tantamount by quad times (Seance) and even sextuples (Sacrifice)!

Revelations & Bonus Modes:

Buckle up as it's time to zoom in closer onto bonus modes featuring outstanding max payout potential aptly named Revelations, raking in up to an unprecedentedly massive 23,237x your initial stake. If this is reached, play halts immediately, and winnings are handed over.

If revealing Seance mode unearths three scattered symbols, breathe easy, anticipating seven complimentary spins complete with All Seeing Eye frames perched atop reels two-five that duplicate within-frame landed symbols promising more ways to win.

The introduction of moving frames spinning unpredictably adds dimension lot. So does the presence of True Believer Wilds+Tarot Multipliers are seated expectantly in the sixth reel. In addition, a skull's wild appearance earns free spins plus a frame.

Wait, there's more! The scatter symbol landing ominously opens doors, quite unsettlingly exciting Sacrifice mode. Sacrifice entails five gratis spins sporting Tarot Multiplier stick-ons placed reels two-five strategically. Any collected Tarots replace older ones if values run higher, ensuring a thrilling journey throughout the span game continues luring captive spectators round after round!

Nolimit Bonus Buy

Ever thought of a fast-pass straight to those mind-boggling bonus features? With Nolimit City's True Kult, you can handpick your choice of bonuses ranging from a modest 68x right up to a whopping 400x of your base wager. Remember that the Nolimit Bonus feature might not be accessible in specific regulated markets.

Here's the rundown:

  • Hankering after 'The Seance' Spins? You're just 68x worth of your stake away — seven spins could be yours for this cost! The upper cap placed on this buy-in sits comfortably at €100.00.

  • Set your sights on 'Sacrifice' Spins? Just fork out a meager 400x of your bet, and you'll bag ten beauties. As before, the purchase limit tops out at €100.00.

  • Desperate for that 'Lucky Draw'? It's well within reach at 234x times the wagered bet, and—you guessed it—maximum permitted input remains static at €100.00.

Compatibility Across Devices

One of the many perks of delving into the mystical world of True Kult is its excellent adaptability across various platforms. Whether you're inclined towards smartphone gaming or tablet enthusiasts, this occult-themed slot game promises an uber-smooth experience. It's remarkably responsive to different screen sizes and resolutions. Hence you won't have to compromise on eeriness or thrilling rewards just because you switched screens. Desktop fans, fear not! You're not left in the lurch; indulge in True Kult on a larger canvas if cozying up with your PC suits your style better.

Test Your Luck - Free Demo

Intrigued by True Kult but apprehensive about placing real stakes yet? Voila! We've got you covered with a free demo version on our website. The demo mirrors all features and bonuses identical to its cash-reliant sibling sans risking a dime from your pocket. And when those training wheels come off, transfer effortlessly into genuine money mode with a simple click!


True Kult from NoLimit City is a fearless venture exploring uncharted dark and enigmatic cult culture terrains. As it rides high on volatility coupled with a competitive RTP of 96.06%, anticipate big ticket winnings if Lady Luck decides to befriend you. Exciting gameplay is guaranteed courtesy of unique features such as hidden symbols, additional reel, duo bonus rounds, and further xBet bait enticingly beckoning potential hefty winnings. Noteworthy visuals coupled with ominous background tunes amalgamate seamlessly, creating an ultra-immersive ambiance apt for this genre.

This journey might seem unsettling to some players due to vivid symbol imagery plus explicit animations; however, if pushing boundaries thrills rather than daunts you coupled with hankering after unique gameplay - True Kult could well be your Holy Grail! Deftly living up to its reputation for churning out groundbreaking slots regularly stirring controversy, NoLimit City strikes gold yet again, proving True Kult as no exception.

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True Kult FAQ

The Return to Player (RTP) for True Kult is 96.06%, giving back $96.06 out of every $100 staked over time. It's important to note that this game has high volatility - wins might be less frequent, but they can turn minor payouts into significant windfalls when they do hit.

True Kult has a unique structure featuring 5 reels and 3 rows, opening up an exciting 243 ways to win! Moreover, landing two or more scatter symbols opens up the possibility of playing with a 6th reel which boosts winning ways from basic 243 to enormous 729!

Yes! One great thing about True Kult is its adaptability across various platforms. Whether you prefer smartphone gaming or are a tablet enthusiast, this slot game promises a smooth and responsive experience on any device.

No problem at all! You can try out our free demo version available on our website before deciding to invest actual money. It provides all features and bonuses from the cash-based version without risking your pocket.

Yes, you can take advantage of Nolimit City's Bonus Buy feature that allows players to purchase their choice of bonuses ranging from a modest 68x right up to a hefty 400x of your base wager.

This high-volatility betting affair is another groundbreaking tile in NoLimit City's diverse portfolio. The innovative application of dark themes coupled with big-ticket winnings possibility outlines the trademark audacity often associated with NoLimit City creations.

This True Kult review was authored by W.Bergstrom | Last updated on 15 October 2023.