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10 August 2023

10,000 BC Double Max

Dig in for an exhilarating prehistoric ride with 10,000 BC Double Max, a low-volatility slot game promising frequent, small wins and an above-average RTP of 96%. This highly immersive slot game has detailed graphics and sounds that suck you straight into the Pleistocene epoch. It has impressive special features- DoubleMax, GigaBlox, Mammoth Explode, and Mammoth Shuffle that significantly boost your winning chances.

Eager to dive deeper into every detail? Continue reading our complete review below, or try the free demo now.

  • 10000 BC DoubleMax - base game
    10000 BC DoubleMax - base game
  • 10000 BC DoubleMax - 5 of a kind
    10000 BC DoubleMax - 5 of a kind
  • 10000 BC DoubleMax - free spins round
    10000 BC DoubleMax - free spins round
  • 10000 BC DoubleMax - epic win
    10000 BC DoubleMax - epic win

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10,000 BC Double Max Review

Theme and Graphics

Hey there, time travelers! In your quest for a slot game that catapults you back to the icy clutches of the Pleistocene epoch, have you ever wanted to take on the role of a fearless nomad, hunting mighty beasts and capturing mammoth rewards? Well, say hello to 10,000 BC Double Max by 4ThePlayer. This marvelous gaming artillery unleashed exclusively on Yggdrasil's platform in August 2023, wows you with spectacular visuals and lifelike animations. It drops you smack in the middle of a thrilling prehistoric escapade!

With symbols echoing the ancients - think wolves, bears, saber-toothed cats, mammoths, and stone spears- every detail jump out at you with an uncanny vividness. The heartbeat-raising musical notes teeming with excitement accompany you as you maneuver those reels. It's like playing in an interactive Ice Age movie. Only better!

RTP and Volatility

Like your wins fast and frequent? Then hunker down because 10,000 BC Double Max is a low-volatility game specially designed for folks who prefer continuous albeit small wins over rare mega-prize hits.

Sporting an RTP (return to player) rate of 96%, it majestically eclipses the industry norm of 95%. This tells you that anytime €100 dashes across the betting line on this game, an average amount of €96 boomerangs right back to you in the long run.

Betting and Payoffs

5 reels? Check. 5 rows? Double check. 50 paylines? You betcha! The 10,000 BC Double Max game is armed to the teeth with opportunities for you to nab a win.

Got some loose change lying around? Kick things off from as low as €0.10, or if you're feeling like Daddy Warbucks, hoist that stake up to a whopping €10.

Now let me spell out the killer twist - imagine bagging a stunning top win of €100,000. That's x10,000 your stake! Quite the grubstake, huh? The hit frequency rolls in at about 0.7%, gifting you an average win roughly every 143 spins.

Features and Bonuses

Yggdrasil breaks out the big guns with two patented whiz-bang mechanics, DoubleMax and GigaBlox, in play here. DoubleMax packs quite the punch by giving each cascade the power to double your win multiplier, catapulting it to a jaw-dropping maximum of x10,000! GigaBlox, on the other hand, is like having a giant on the side- presenting oversized symbols sprawling across anything from one to as many as 5x5 spots on those reels - pushing your probability of roping in those wins even further!

Getting intrigued? Hang tight; there's more! Say hello to our game-exclusive features; Mammoth Explode and Mammoth Shuffle.

When Lady Luck seems elusive and no winnings grace the reels - Enter Mammoth Explode! Activating cascade mode and churning out wild symbols while upping your multiplier value!

Conversely, Mammoth Shuffle comes into play by moving a GigaBlox symbol from the extreme right over to the left of the reel – furnishing guarantees of bountiful victories while potentially brushing off more cascades.

Delve into free spins territory – set alight by three or more bonus symbols making their appearance. Fond of lucky number seven? That's how many free spins you get tagged along with extra Mammoth Ram cascades and shuffles! Watch as your multiplier gets comfortable and decides to stick around during these wild rides of free spins – resulting in astronomical wins piling up!

Fancy jumping straight into the excitement? You could skip directly into this fun rollercoaster by buying free spins for 100x your bet.

Stream on Any Screen

Guess what, tech-savvy nomads! The epic 10,000 BC DoubleMax isn't just a desktop-bound wonder. Its open arms welcome any device - from smartphones to tablets and the good old computer. With a 16:9 resolution batting seamlessly for different platforms or browsers, it effortlessly morphs to fit your device's screen size and orientation. Expect nothing less than a gaming pleasure cruise!

Take it for a Free Spin

Looking to take this crafty beast out for a hunting expedition but got cold feet? That's alright! We've stocked up a free demo version of 10,000 BC DoubleMax on our website. It's the same captivating experience with all the thrilling features like DoubleMax, GigaBlox, Mammoth Explode, and Mammoth Shuffle, only you're splurging on virtual credits rather than real moolah. Get those game mechanics down pat or test drive some stone-age strategies before drawing first blood.

Wrapping Things Up

Man, did we stumble upon a prehistoric wonder when we took 10 000 BC DoubleMax for a spin - truly one of Yggdrasil and 4ThePlayer's timeless art pieces. Those revolutionary mechanics, DoubleMax and GigaBlox, that Yggdrasil masters so well are coupled here to reshape the landscape of win possibilities holistically.

Bounce into cascades that boom your win multiplier while replicating wild symbols across reels. Trigger Giant wins whenever GigaBlox hustles onto your screen. And if the initial thrill subsides even slightly, let Mammoth Explode, or Mammoth Shuffle shake things up by blasting off cascades or shuffling wins into place when you least expect!

Feeling lucky? Drive straight into the storm of rewards during that free spins mode where multipliers lock within your grasp as bonus Mammoth Ram features prowl about freely. Prepare for high-frequency returns amidst extended playtimes courtesy of its chilled volatility levels dovetailed with generous RTP at 96%. Indeed immersive graphics intertwined with edgy sound effects call shotgun on this rollercoaster ride through time!

One thing I must mention, though – chasing jackpots progressive in nature or bonanza bonus games may prove futile here- some may miss this rush. Still, there's abundant action packaged elsewhere throughout gameplay.

So board this fun-fueled time machine transporting you right into an era teeming with mammoth possibilities! Trust us; we can't recommend 10 000 BC DoubleMax enough - try it today!

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10,000 BC Double Max FAQ

Yes! Before you start playing with real money, you can get familiar with the game's mechanics or test new strategies using our free demo version on Gamblr.

You can start betting from as low as €0.10 and go up to a maximum of €10. This wide range suits both cautious players and high rollers.

This game's Return to Player rate is above average at 96%. This means that over time, for €100 wagered in bets, you can expect an average return of around €96.

Absolutely! The designers ensured it was compatible across various devices - a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone. The screen size or orientation doesn't pose a problem; you're in for a pleasing gaming experience wherever you are!

No, the 10,000 BC Double Max doesn't have progressive jackpots. But it does feature several opportunities, like its impressive special features, to score big wins – including a top win prize of up to €100,000!

This 10,000 BC Double Max review was authored by W.Bergstrom | Last updated on 13 August 2023.