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22 September 2023
  • Money and wealth
  • 5-Reels
  • Classics

Bullion Bars Gold Collector

The game, Bullion Bars Gold Collector, greets you with an attractive golden theme and relatively simple but exciting graphics. It boasts a medium volatility and an RTP of 95.05%. Its structure incorporates ten fixed paylines with five reels, allowing you to bet from as low as 0.10 to as high as 30 coins per spin. Prizes range to 200x your bet per line on hitting five game logo symbols, while three shades of bullion bars can fetch from 5x to 25x your bet. A stirring bonus round could secure you up to 250K coins.

And that's not even the whole story! Delve deeper into the full review below to learn about its spectacular features and bonuses. Also, give the free demo a whirl on our website to test drive this golden nugget of a game before making your first spin.

  • Bullion Bars Gold Collector - base game
    Bullion Bars Gold Collector - base game
  • Bullion Bars Gold Collector - gamble feature
    Bullion Bars Gold Collector - gamble feature
  •  Bullion Bars Gold Collector paytable
    Bullion Bars Gold Collector paytable
  • Bullion Bars Gold Collector - Free Spins round
    Bullion Bars Gold Collector - Free Spins round

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Bullion Bars Gold Collector Review

Theme and Graphics

As soon as you start spinning, you're greeted by the glitz of gold. The reels have shimmering symbols, including the eye-catching game logo, stacks of banknotes, silver and gold coins, and gleaming bullion bars. The real crème de la crème here are the bullion bars – these little beauties offer mixed pays and can trigger that coveted free spins round.

Sure, the graphics might not be cutting-edge or grimly realistic, but remember, folks - we're here for a good time. The simplicity adds a sense of nostalgia while still establishing an exciting gaming atmosphere. And don't worry about where you play - Bullion Bars is available on any device, so feel free to drag this gilded goodness around on any screen size.

RTP and Volatility

The game boasts an RTP (return to player) of 95.05%, which means over time, it's set to pay back 95.05% of all wagers placed and pocket a neat 4.95% profit for the house. Remember, though, that this journey depends on Lady Luck herself – nothing is guaranteed from one session to another, as outcomes depend on those fidgety random number generators.

Bullion Bars Gold Collector sits squarely in medium volatility territory, so this might be your pot of gold if you're keen on frequent low to medium-value wins, occasionally peppered with more considerable payouts. For those who enjoy a dash of risk with their rewards - you'll get along just fine here.

Betting Options and Payouts

You can tinker with your bet size - anything from 0.10 to 30 coins per spin. You can fine-tune your stake using the on-screen + and - buttons sparingly or putting down some high stakes, depending on your budget and feeling of fortune. The game has ten fixed paylines, so no changes are allowed there!

Get the biggest bang for your buck with the game logo – five logos mean a whopping 200x your bet per line. Our banknotes are next in line, doling out a generous 100x on five in a row. Lastly, silver and gold coins bring home a package of 50x for five-of-a-kinds.

Now take note – our bullion bars come in three shades: red, blue, and green, and can form winning combinations with any other bullion regardless of coloration. Any mixed combination of three to five bullion bars can fetch from 5x to 25x your bet.

The absolute pinnacle is the free spins bonus round, where you can bag up to 250K coins! Here's how it works: nail three or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels, and voila - five free spins land safely in your pocket.

Every landed bullion during the bonus will have juicy multipliers based on your original stake (and not the sideline bet). Along comes a safe symbol that safely collects all the values on the visible bullion bars. If more than one safe appears, each bullion bar is counted for every visual safe.

For instance, if you have three bullion bars marked 10x, 20x, and 30x on the reels and two safes touching down, your win will be a cool (10+20+30)x2 = 120x your stake!

And hold on tight - this bonus round can be set off again by landing three or more scatters during the free spins. You can claim up to a whopping 50 freebies in total!

If you're on top of the world after a win, why not try out the gamble feature? With it, you can multiply your winnings by 1.33x, 2x, or even 3x or trade them in for extra free spins. It's entirely up to you whether to bet or collect without gambling. Remember, though – no gambling if your winnings exceed that magical ceiling of 250K coins.

Hang on to your lucky charms and dive into the glimmering gold mine, Bullion Bars Gold Collector. This well-polished slot game is another top-notch creation by the gambling gurus at Inspired Entertainment, a reputed providers of quality interactive games. From dazzling free spins to high-stake gamble features, Bullion Bars keeps you at the edge of your seat with a potential treasure of up to 250,000 gold nuggets (aka coins). So, let's roll up our sleeves and tunnel more into what makes this game shine.

Special Features and Bonuses

Gold bars, silver coins, and wads of cash fill up the reels in this 5x3 array with ten liquid gold paylines. While a nostalgic nod to classic slots vibes may keep things simple in design, Bullion Bars has invested well in bonus features to boost your game.

Watch out for these shining bullion bars - they can shower mixed pays on you depending on how they line up on the reels. But it's not just about how these golden bricks stack; they also pave your way toward promising free spins!

The competitive, safe symbol is integral in unlocking bonuses. Sneak three or more scatters anywhere on the reels and find yourself knee-deep in five free spins. The beauty of these bonus rounds is that each bullion bar lands with hidden multiplier treasures based on your original bet. Any safe symbol dropping in view then collects all visible bar values – with every additional safe multiplying these finds!

Let's paint you a picture - suppose you have three bullion bars bearing a 10x, 20x, and 30x multiplier of your stake, respectively (not bet-per-line!), and fate smiles down, sending two safes on those same reels - cha-ching! That's an impressive (10+20+30)x2=120x of your original stake!

Mobile Compatibility

Fancy playing on the go? The glowing allure of Bullion Bars Gold Collector fits comfortably in your pocket. This slot is fully compatible with desktop and mobile devices so that you can bask in its golden glow on any screen size.

Free Demo

Do you prefer a good trial run before investing your gold coins? No sweat! Try out the free demo version right here on our website. It allows you to test drive the experience without staking a single coin. So feel free to spin away, check out how those bonus features unfurl, or enjoy that catchy disco soundtrack risk-free!


To sum it up, Bullion Bars Gold Collector puts a modern twist on classic slot gaming without overcomplicating things. The theme is engaging, and the money motif keeps you hooked. While the graphics might be considered classic rather than spectacular, they maintain a nostalgic atmosphere.

Adding a tension-packed gamble option elevates all victory celebrations as it invites daring gamers to opt into multiplying their hard-won loot or bagging more free spins. Use it at your discretion - and remember, striking gold takes some strategy, too!

So if you're searching for spill-over jackpot, love to play around with bet sizes, or simply after some cost-effective entertainment, Bullion Bars Gold Collector is worth a lucky spin.

Ready to cast your bets? Let's turn this gold rush into reality! Remember, fortunes favor the brave – game on, mates!

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Bullion Bars Gold Collector FAQ

The Return to Player (RTP) percentage of Bullion Bars Gold Collector is 95.05%. This means the game's predicted payback rate over time is 95.05% of all wagers played.

Bullion Bars Gold Collector has medium volatility, promising balanced gameplay with frequent lower and mid-tier wins and some chances at big payouts.

This slot game features a 5x3 reel setup and ten fixed paylines that offer ten ways to win per spin.

Bullion Bars feature several exciting special features, including different bullions with mixed pays, free spins triggered by three or more scatter symbols, multipliers during bonus rounds, and a gamble feature for multiplying your winnings.

Absolutely! You can enjoy this game on any digital screen – desktop or mobile. It's optimized to fit nicely on smaller screens, letting you carry the fun wherever you go.

Indeed! Our site has a free game demo that allows you to take it for a test spin and understand its dynamics before committing any real money. It's an excellent opportunity to familiarize yourself with all the game features without risk.

If Lady Luck smiles upon you in the game's free spins bonus round, you may walk away with a whopping 250K coins. Remember to look out for the safe symbol during this round – it's your ticket to these significant wins!

This Bullion Bars Gold Collector review was authored by W.Bergstrom | Last updated on 08 October 2023.