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Wazdan has well over 150 slot games as of 2023, some of which will be showcased at prestigious iGaming trade shows worldwide. All games are based on HTML5 technology, which Wazdan has been offering since 2016, so players can enjoy them on any platform they choose. Wazdan will undoubtedly continue its growth in the coming years, so look out for their new releases and play games for free on this website.

Wazdan Video Games

Wazdan's prolific output of slot games has resulted in various titles backed by high-quality, feature-rich software.

Wazdan's Multiways mechanic is a perfect example of these capabilities, with up to 60,000 ways to win. Gem Splitter is one of the Wazdan games that use this tool's symbol splitter feature. There are two fields above the reels: The left field contains a random symbol, while the right field indicates how the symbol is split - vertically, horizontally, or 2x2. Each type of split offers different winning opportunities, with the vertical offering the most. Other features, including wild symbols and free spins, will keep you entertained throughout the game.

Sonic Reels is another Wazdan title with outstanding features, although less groundbreaking than Multiways. The slot is a successful blend of past and present, combining the joys of the traditional fruit-filled slot with a colorful, modern presentation. Get the pumpkin symbol to activate bonuses in the speakers on either side of the reels, and look out for the Gamble Mode to multiply your winnings.

Wazdan slot machines have different settings that you can choose from depending on your play style. For example, many offer an "Ultra Lite" mode that significantly reduces loading times for players with slow internet connections. The Ultra Fast option increases the speed of the reels considerably, and Volatility Levels allows you to switch between high and low volatility - however, before using this last option, you should read our article on gambling to better understand how it works.

Fans of conventional casino table games can also try out Wazdan's roulette, blackjack, and poker titles. These games offer the seamless gameplay that the brand is known for.

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Play Vegas Hot 81 for free. No download required.
Vegas Hot 81 by Wazdan
Play Jack On Hold for free. No download required.
Jack On Hold by Wazdan
Play Welcome To Hell 81 for free. No download required.
Welcome To Hell 81 by Wazdan
Play Beach Party Hot for free. No download required.
Beach Party Hot by Wazdan
Play Demon Jack 27 for free. No download required.
Demon Jack 27 by Wazdan
Play Vegas Hot for free. No download required.
Vegas Hot by Wazdan
Play Beach Party for free. No download required.
Beach Party by Wazdan
Play Magic Hot for free. No download required.
Magic Hot by Wazdan
Play Magic Fruits 81 for free. No download required.
Magic Fruits 81 by Wazdan
Play Turbo Play for free. No download required.
Turbo Play by Wazdan
Play Black Horse for free. No download required.
Black Horse by Wazdan
Play Arcade for free. No download required.
Arcade by Wazdan

Wazdan titles contain Unique Wazdan Features, which can be used to customize the game components to the player's personal preferences. Volatility Levels, Ultra Lite Mode, Ultra Fast Mode and Big Screen mode are among the novel features available. Wazdan Special Features, such as Unique Gamble Feature, Energy Saving Mode, Double Screen Mode, and the latest buy feature, allow players to buy bonuses in a particular game. Wazdan also invented the advertising tool Cash Drop in 2020.

Special Wazdan Slots Features

Buy Feature

Thanks to this simple function, you can acquire all of the desired benefits in the most recent Wazdan games anytime you want. Instead of waiting for them to happen, they wait for you to buy them, so you're only up to two clicks away from your favorite portion of the game. That is the way to go if you want to enjoy the full potential of our games on your own terms!

Unique Gamble Feature

It can be triggered after each winning spin to start an exciting bonus game where players have a 50/50 chance of doubling their winnings quickly - up to 7 times in a row! Designed with the unique concept of each game in mind, the Distinct Gamble Feature features beautiful graphics and animation - a fun addition to being noticed.

Energy Saving Mode

Low battery is a warning we all dread. But do not worry! The high-quality graphics of our games may seem battery intensive, but that's why we have included an Energy Saving Mode. This simple but excellent feature allows gamers to extend their device's battery life by about 40%! Energy Saving Mode is primarily aimed at mobile gamers and is ideal for those on the move or who do not have an outlet nearby, which is most of us...

Double Screen Mode

This feature will look familiar to all players who have visited a land-based casino. It's a traditional, timeless view where the paytable can be conveniently viewed and displayed anytime during play - designed for smartphones and tablets - so your device will automatically switch to this prominent display when in vertical mode. In addition, players can see the winnings associated with all symbols at any time on Double Screen Mode, which is very useful as these change dynamically as the bet changes.

Volatility Levels

Volatility Levels is a unique and trademarked feature that allows players to change the amount and frequency of their wins as they play! High volatility results in more significant wins, but they occur less frequently. Low volatility, on the other hand, results in more frequent wins, but their value is usually lower. Players looking for a more balanced gaming experience can opt for the standard option, which balances win size and frequency.

Ultra Fast Mode

In the fast-paced online gambling world, Ultra Fast Mode allows players to increase the speed of their play to a very intense level. When this feature is activated, the reels spin within the blink of an eye! This feature does not affect the game's algorithms or RTP - but it does save time for people who do not need immersive animations. So if you want a truly dynamic experience, Ultra Fast Mode is for you.

Ultra Lite Mode

Ultra Lite Mode is designed for users with slow internet connections and significantly reduces the game's loading time. How much is this? According to our findings, users can launch their favorite games up to five times faster! While some more advanced animations have been removed, the overall feel and atmosphere of the games remain excellent, allowing players to enjoy seamless gameplay.

Big Screen Mode

Big Screen Mode, which debuted at ICE London 2019, allows players to expand the reel view to take up the entire screen. Players can customize how the game appears on their devices by selecting one of two zoom modes. The game logo and side animations are cut off, and the dedicated control panel is replaced with universal buttons on the right side of the reels, just like in the mobile view. By activating this unique feature, players can focus solely on the exciting action on the reels of their favorite game.

Wazdan's portfolio

Some games, like Fenix Play 27 Deluxe, are based on previous games. Fenix Play Deluxe is a simple spinner with 5 lines and 3 reels, but the enhanced version offers criss-cross action on 27 virtual paylines. A 3x multiplier is also awarded for filling the screen with 9 identical symbols. Magic Stars 3 slot is a simple but impressive 5-line, a 3-reel game with wild symbols and a double feature.

Some of the earlier slots, like Night Club 81, do not have volatility controls, but the neons and soundtrack make for an entertaining gaming experience. Look out for the neon cowgirl, which replaces all other symbols and increases the game's paylines from 7 to 81. With such complicated equations, a game like this can turn into a jackpot generator with four jokers on a line worth 12,000x.

In addition to slots, the company offers a variety of casino games, video poker, and a unique bingo game. Look out for games like blackjack, roulette, and Caribbean poker, to name a few.

If Wazdan's portfolio has piqued your curiosity, here are some examples of games from the company's ever-growing collection.

Magic Stars 3

Magic Stars 3 is a beautiful game for those without experience with video slots. Although simple in nature, this video slot has a fantastic design. It has three reels and five paylines and is set in a deep, fascinating space. Magic Stars 3 now includes a wild symbol that can substitute for any other symbol and improve your chances of getting a winning combination.

Sizzling 777 Deluxe

Sizzling 777, Wazdan's reinterpretation of the classic fruity slot, is one of the most popular games among video slot lovers. This video slot features 5 reels and 20 paylines. Crisp graphics and a charming lounge soundtrack set it apart. Since Sizzling 777 Deluxe is based on minimalist slots, there are few features - there is only one scatter symbol in addition to the regular wazdan features.

Black Hawk Deluxe

Black Hawk Deluxe is one of Wazdan's most spectacular video slots. This spooky video slot features terrifying sound effects that accompany the reels spinning and sending shivers down your spine. If you defeat the undead hordes moving toward the castle, the treasure is yours. It has 54 paylines.

Magic Fruits Deluxe is a fruit-themed video game.

Wazdan's Magic Fruits Deluxe is a classic. This cheerful video slot features fruity, classic symbols, a great soundtrack, and clear and detailed graphics.

The Great Book of Magic Deluxe

A clever wizard studies ancient manuscripts and makes a potion in an old tower. As you spin the reels of this slot, you can join him in his quest to create the most fabulous spell of all time. Great Book of Magic Deluxe has 5 reels, and 20 paylines, as well as free spins feature that you can activate by getting 3, 4, or 5 scatter symbols.

The Final Word

Seeing that more and more online casinos offer almost 100 games is fantastic. Wazdan is on its way to more contenders with organized growth and a product offering that is different in several ways. They have yet to develop the four-reel slot but use it with sophisticated mathematical and bonus mechanics.

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