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Relax Gaming
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Scatter Pays
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19 October 2023
  • 6-Reels
  • Western
  • Crime

Money Train 4

Money Train 4 is the final installment of the popular slot series by Relax Gaming, promising an adventurous experience in a futuristic dystopian world. The game continues the high volatility trend and opportunities for big rewards, with an RTP of 96.1%-96.5%, robust graphics, and movie-quality sound effects. Players navigate through a 6x6 grid with the help of multiple feature symbols that add diverse elements to gameplay, leading to potentially huge payouts.

Continue reading our full review for a deeper dive into everything Money Train 4 brings to the gaming table. Plus, before you put your money on the line, why not take it for a spin? Try our free demo version – it's waiting for you!

  • Money Train 4: base game
    Money Train 4: base game
  • Money Train 4: the bonus round has been triggered
    Money Train 4: the bonus round has been triggered
  • Money Train 4: the bonus round
    Money Train 4: the bonus round

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Money Train 4 Review

Theme and Graphics

Relax Gaming's Money Train 4 captivates players with its gritty and riveting Wild West theme. This renowned slot game submerges gamblers into a cowboy-inspired dust-filled world colored with rustic hues, emulating a vintage comic strip-like design that breathes life into virtual gaming.

The graphic elements create an alluring visual spectacle - the grid layout is designed to mimic a wooden train cart characterized by intricate detailing. To intensify the overall game aesthetics, animated characters of gunslingers and outlaws are crafted meticulously, arousing excitement in every spin.

Additionally, Relax Gaming heavily emphasizes utilizing thrilling sound effects, textured with the hushed whisper of winds and the distant echo of a lonesome locomotive, encouraging players to immerse deeper into this elusive narrative.

RTP and Volatility

Regarding math model dynamics, Money Train 4 holds a potent combination of high RTP (Return to Player) and high volatility. The game only slightly deviates from industry standards by boasting an RTP of 96.10%, promising higher average returns over an extended period.

The high volatility aspect ensures risk-oriented rewards - implying that wins are likely less frequent but more significant in magnitude. This dynamic caters to high-risk players, offering them opportunities for more substantial bankroll impacts resulting in high-intensity gameplay.

Betting Options and Payouts

Money Train 4 offers versatile betting options catering to various player preferences, with bet ranges spanning from a low $0.10 to a maximum of $6.

Lastly, Money Train 4 publicizes an astronomical maximum win potential - it's reportedly 150,000 times your initial stake! It comes as a result of multipliers that the game generously floods players amidst Bonus Rounds, further amplifying the appeal of this slot gem by Relax Gaming.

Special Features and Bonuses

Renowned for its notoriously thrilling 'Money Cart Bonus Round,' Money Train 4 by Relax Gaming graces its gameplay with several exciting offerings. The Respins feature regularly active in the base game or the coveted option to "Buy Bonus" is a testimony to this slot's strategic appeal.

Respins Feature

This feature could spontaneously launch following any spin. The most frequent symbol on your reels holds its position while a free respin rolls out. This respin pulls in only blanks, multipliers, or duplicates of the sticky symbol. The appearance of pay symbols prolongs this built-in advantage; they persist on the reel while multipliers vanish after first use.

Interestingly, when multiple multipliers surface, they collectively enhance your ultimate winnings. So that you know, respins conclude when no fresh symbols appear.

Money Cart Bonus Round

At least three scatter symbols landing during the base game trigger this sought-after bonus round, unfolding on an introductory 6x4 grid. Persistent symbols may even substitute scatters to initiate this bonus action.

Once activated, each triggering symbol uncovers a multiplier value betting value, accompanied by three respins resetting whenever new symbols drop. If a persistent symbol launches the bonus round beforehand, it activates before the first spin.

On filling up an entire row with symbols, an additional line unfolds with each symbol unveiled on this row performing its stated action. A maximum of four supplementary rows are thus feasible.

Money Train slots already hold fame for their assortment of unique features, and Money Train 4 continues to honor that novelty by packing a plethora of special symbols:

  1. Bonus Symbols: Unravel a multiplier ranging from 1 to 10 times determined by the placed bet.

  2. Collector: Accumulates nationally visible values and proceeds to include them in its value.

  3. Adjacent Collector: Gathers values from adjacent placements in addition to its value.

  4. Payer: Discloses a value to add to all other visible symbols.

  5. Adjacent Payer: Uncovers a value added to all surrounding symbols.

  6. Sniper: Doubling the values of 3-8 bonus symbols and may even target the same symbol multiple times.

  7. Collector Payer: Assigns 3-5 symbol targets, aggregates their values to its own, and then disburses the updated volume to each target.

  8. Arms Dealer: Morphs 1-4 bonus symbols into a specific feature, performing its action post-transformation.

  9. Necromancer: Revives 2-7 used non-persistent feature symbols with potential multiple targeting of the same symbol.

  10. Persistent Shapeshifter: Post each spin, morph into one among these features - Collector, Payer, Sniper, Collector Payer, Arms Dealer or Unlocker.

  11. Unlocker: Unveils a blocked row.

  12. Reset Plus: Elevates the starting spin count value by +1.

  13. Upgrader: Transforms 1-3 feature symbols into persistent versions.

Bonus Buy

The provisions extend towards allowing players instant access to the bonus round through purchase:

  • 100x bet payable can set off this bonus journey,

  • Alternatively, a 500x bet triggered bonus round accompanied by one persistent symbol becomes an enticing option.

Certainly, Money Train 4 is a veritable treasure house of gaming indulgence for its admirers!

Mobile Compatibility

Money Train 4, staying true to Relax Gaming's commitment to accessibility, doesn't fall short in guaranteeing a seamless gaming experience across multiple devices. The mobile compatibility of this video slot deserves noteworthy mention. Its design incorporates HTML5 technology, which ensures compatibility with major modern smartphones and tablets without compromising the game's visual appeal or performance.

Whether you're an iOS devotee or prefer Android platforms, Money Train 4 will lure you into its unfettered narrative irrespective of your screen's size so that you can relish the anticipation of each spin while on the go.

Free Demo

Before diving into real money bets, or if you prefer zero-risk enjoyment, Gamblr offers a free demo version of Money Train 4. You can use this golden opportunity to experience firsthand features like rounds, special symbols, and bonus sequences without wagering cash. Before betting real stakes, you can feel unrestricted to familiarize yourself with the game dynamics at your own pace.


Summarizing the breadth and depth of Money Train 4 is challenging - it converges an exciting, immersive theme perfectly meshed with superior graphics and sounds that harmoniously blend to create a unique gameplay experience.

The high RTP and volatile math model position this slot as a favorite among high-risk thrill seekers. Still, less seasoned gamers might find heavy swings in wins somewhat intimidating - that's where the free demo play on our website comes into play to gain solid experience before proceeding onto real stakes!

The maximum potential payout is undoubtedly one of the highest within the industry - although hitting that jaw-dropping multiplier isn't a daily occurrence, its existence sprinkles an additional dash of thrill.

Conversely, some players might find the maximum bet limit of $6 slightly underwhelming compared to other games offering higher cap limits.

Nevertheless, Relax Gaming has shown its prowess in crafting state-of-the-art slots with Money Train 4. We heartily recommend trying out this game, and as always, we encourage you to share your experiences in our comments section. Each valuable feedback enriches our gaming community and helps us serve you better.

So why wait? Hop aboard the Money Train 4 and explore the Wild West from a brand-new perspective filled with unexpected thrills and enticing treasures!

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Money Train 4 FAQ

Money Train 4 is a slot game and the last installment in the popular Money Train series by Relax Gaming. It offers a futuristic dystopian setting with top-notch visuals and sound effects, maintaining its predecessors' high volatility and rewarding potential.

Money Train 4 continues the high-volatility tradition of the series. This means payouts may be less frequent, but when they occur, they can be significantly larger than other games.

While staying true to the core mechanics of earlier games, Money Train 4 expands with a new scatter-pays win system, more feature symbols, and better graphics corresponding to its futuristic theme.

The Return to Player (RTP) for Money Train 4 falls between 96.1% and 96.5%, depending on whether or not you choose to buy the feature.

Players can choose their stake anywhere from 0.10 to 6 per spin.

Yes, through the Buy Feature option, which lets players directly enter the bonus round. There are two options - pay 100x your bet for regular access or 500x to trigger it with one Persistent Symbol.

The top potential payout in this exhilarating game has been raised since prior releases and currently sits at an impressive maximum of 150,000 times your initial bet.

Most online casinos offering Money Train 4 will also provide a demo version. This free demo lets players get familiar with the game mechanics before putting money on the line.

This Money Train 4 review was authored by W.Bergstrom | Last updated on 04 October 2023.