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18 October 2023

8 Golden Dragon Challenge

The "8 Golden Dragon Challenge" slot game from Pragmatic Play is a visually intriguing journey into Chinese mythology with an RTP of 96.02% and high volatility. With bet sizes between 0.10 and 250, the game offers a whopping maximum payout of 8,800 times your stake! The game stands out with its unique Mini Slot Machine Bonus and Envelope Bonus features that boost earnings significantly. It's user-friendly for newbies and veterans and impeccably optimized for seamless play on all mobile devices.

Looking for more details? Continue reading our full review or try the free demo play of "8 Golden Dragon Challenge," now available on Gamblr. Test your tactics without risking your real money!

  • 8 Golden Dragon Challenge base game
    8 Golden Dragon Challenge base game
  • 8 Golden Dragon Challenge paytable
    8 Golden Dragon Challenge paytable
  • 8 Golden Dragon Challenge - the Bonus Round
    8 Golden Dragon Challenge - the Bonus Round

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8 Golden Dragon Challenge Review

Theme and Graphics

The "8 Golden Dragon Challenge" video slot from Pragmatic Play is a fascinating journey into the heart of Chinese mythology and culture. The game features a dazzling display of gilded imagery and mystical dragons carefully crafted within well-polished submarine frames.

Dominating the graphic designs are fiery red and golden hues symbolic of wealth, prosperity, and good fortune in Chinese culture. Alongside these prominent colors, there's an array of beautifully designed symbols like the mighty dragon, pearls, golden coins, and a host of other enigmatic characters drawn right out of ancient Chinese tales that breathe life into the theme.

RTP and Volatility

RTP or Return to Player indicates how much a player can expect to win on average over repeated plays. The "8 Golden Dragon Challenge" boasts an RTP of 96.02%, which places it around the average for online slots regarding possible returns to players over time.

This game also falls under the high volatility category. High volatility slots can offer larger payouts but are typically less frequent in handing out wins. In line with this characteristic, players engaging with the "8 Golden Dragon Challenge" can anticipate larger payout intervals but with a more significant potential yield when they do hit.

Betting Options and Payouts

In the "8 Golden Dragon Challenge," you can tweak your bet size between 0.10 and 250.

Should you unlock every possible winning combination in this slot treasure, you'll be blessed with the maximum possible payout of a whopping 8,800 times your stake! This vast potential of striking it rich adds an extra layer of adrenaline-charged excitement every time you spin those reels.

While the "8 Golden Dragon Challenge" offers tantalizing potential rewards, its high volatility nature requires patience and careful bankroll management. Therefore, players must balance their betting budget and eagerness to crack open those golden treasures hidden within this oriental marvel!

Special Features and Bonuses

The "8 Golden Dragon Challenge" is not your ordinary slot game. It has rewarding features that promise exciting gameplay and big potential winnings. Let's dive into the details:

Mini Slot Machine Bonus

When you hit three scatter symbols, the exceptional Mini Slot Machine Bonus springs into action. This fantastic feature transports you to an alternate 3x3 grid exclusively equipped with eight mini slot machines. These miniatures only accommodate dragon symbols or blanks, where each dragon segment symbolizes one symbol on the compact slots.

The art of winning in this bonus feature is not a single gallop but a series of thrilling rounds. In every round, activated and unlocked mini slot machines whirl to present a result. Landing three adjacent dragon symbols from left to right on the slot machine starting from the leftmost reel bestows an exhilarating cash reward.

But the game has a catchy twist! If mini slot machines strike gold, they retain their vigor for pursuing future rounds. However, those failing to land a win after spinning get locked down. Your journey in this unique bonus domain ends when all its residents — the mini slot machines — stand locked.

Streaming Envelope Bonus

Chance upon a full dragon symbol as part of your winning combination, and behold the grandeur of the supplementary Envelope Bonus! For every dazzling mini slot machine displaying a complete dragon sign during the prior phase of the bonus round, your total multiplier for the Envelope Bonus swells by +1x; it goes up to +3x for two full Dragon symbols and reaches its peak at +8x when flaunting three wholesome Dragon Entities.

Players encounter eight envelopes that reveal random monetary amounts as the Envelope Bonus kicks off. These values are then placed under the magnifying lens of your total multiplier, resulting in a boosted payoff. The final reward merges all calculated figures. Potential gains lurking within these envelopes can be 2x, 3x, 5x, 6x, 7x, 8x, or an enticing 10x your preceding wager!


Playing the "8 Golden Dragon Challenge" is straightforward, allowing newbies and veterans alike to enjoy the game fully. Here's how:

  1. Place your bets using the "+/-" buttons at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Once your wager is set, hit 'Spin' to set the reels in motion.
  3. Use "Autoplay'" if you prefer uninterrupted play for a specific number of spins.

When it comes to triggering special features:

  1. Score three or more Golden Goblet symbols (Scatters) anywhere on the reels to access free spin rounds.
  2. look out for multipliers that significantly boost rewards during these rounds!

While luck plays a vital role in slots, keep these tips in mind as you take on the dragons:

  1. Set a budget before going into the game to avoid exceeding your gambling limit.
  2. make the most of the free spins feature, as it boosts your winning chances with multipliers.
  3. Remember that this is a high-volatility game, meaning rewards may be more significant but could be infrequent. Patience is essential.

Remember that, above all, enjoying the game is paramount. Understand the rules, follow your gut, and let the spins decide your destiny in the "8 Golden Dragon Challenge."

Mobile Compatibility

Mobile compatibility is necessary for any game seeking the best player experience in this digital age. Pragmatic Play has meticulously optimized the "8 Golden Dragon Challenge" for play on all mobile devices without compromising the quality of graphics or smoothness of gameplay. Whether on an Android or iOS device, smartphone, or tablet, capturing the thrilling gaming atmosphere is just a tap away!

Free Demo

Are you intrigued by our review so far? Then here's some exciting news! At Gamblr, we offer a free "8 Golden Dragon Challenge" demo version. This lets you get acquainted with the game's features and gameplay dynamics before risking your real money - an excellent way to devise and test your gaming strategy.


Upon launching the "8 Golden Dragon Challenge," one might initially hesitate to ignite their enthusiasm. Like many others on the market, it is another typical albeit vibrant offering in the densely populated genre of Asian-themed slots. The generic nature of its base game, revolving mainly around securing line wins, did little to spike intrigue.

However, impressions shifted as the unique Mini Slot Machine Bonus round surfaced, introducing a refreshing facet seldom encountered elsewhere.

The distinctiveness of the Mini Slot Machine Bonus might spark sundry reactions across the player spectrum. While some might remain impervious to its allure, others may be entirely drawn in by it—your perspective could well determine your experience. This innovative round progresses briskly, highlighting or locking values on miniature slot machines round-by-round. Although the prize pools revealed initially don't promise astronomical figures(at least during our review), a steady accumulation can amount to a healthy sum, particularly with the assistance of a vital multiplier in the Envelope Bonus round.

Regarding payoffs, the "8 Golden Dragon Challenge" boasts an impressive maximum win potential of 8,800x your bet.

At face value, "8 Golden Dragon Challenge" may initially seem like just another drop in an ocean teeming with Asian-inspired slots. However, despite a somewhat ordinary base game experience, this offering makes a comparable unique mark through its Mini Slot Machine and Envelope Bonuses geared towards inviting player intrigue and proffering substantial thrills for certain gambling enthusiasts.

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8 Golden Dragon Challenge FAQ

The Return to Player (RTP) for the "8 Golden Dragon Challenge" slot is 96.02%. On average, players can expect to receive approximately 96.02% of all wagered money back in winnings over repeated plays.

Yes, "8 Golden Dragon Challenge" introduces two innovative features - Mini Slot Machine Bonus and Streaming Envelope Bonus - that offer larger payouts and make gameplay more exciting.

Absolutely! Pragmatic Play has meticulously optimized the game to align with all modern mobile devices, such as iOS or Android smartphones or tablets, without compromising graphics quality or smooth gameplay.

At Gamblr, we offer a free demo version of "8 Golden Dragon Challenge". This allows you to understand the nuances of its features and gameplay before placing real money bets.

While exploring this high-volatility game, be prepared for less frequent wins, though they could be more significant ones when they do hit. Setting a budget before playing and exercising patience during gaming sessions is advised.

The game offers considerable win potential, with a maximum payout of 8,800 times your stake.

To reveal special features such as the Mini Slot Machine Bonus and Streaming Envelope Bonus, look for Scatter symbols (Golden Goblet) and full Dragon symbols. These significantly boost your winnings when successful.

This 8 Golden Dragon Challenge review was authored by W.Bergstrom | Last updated on 15 October 2023.